We provide two types of insurance:

1) Full insurance with participation of the client (included in rental price) fee 400.- €

Trying to lower the cost of renting for its clients, the AUTO-CI provides full insurance with participation of the client. When you cause a damage to the car, with culpability customer, the customer is charged up to a maximum amount of participation (400€). If the cost of the damage is less than the amount of participation, only charged the cost of the damage.
When proven the customer is not responsible for an accident with another vehicle, do not bear any of the costs of damage. The only evidence of non-customer’s fault is paper of traffic.

In case of accident the client is obliged to immediately inform us by phone +30 2310 327 655 in the +30 6980 581 313 which is indicated on the rental contract, and our company will inform the police.
In case of mechanical damage the client is obliged to remain in the vehicle until it is roadside assistance.
In case of mechanical damage the AUTO-CI company will replace the same class vehicle within 12 hours.

None of the insurance does not provide coverage:
• If driving on unpaved roads
• If you drive a person not mentioned in the contract
• if the damage / accident occurred under influence alcohol consumption, drugs or narcotics
• for damage to the interior of the vehicle, namely:
cigarette burns, damaged lounge, damage from pets, damage the interior construction due to misuse, excessive dirt
If at the start of renting there damage to the vehicle from previous customer who has not been corrected, they will be recorded to ensure your lease available.
In case of accident notify us immediately at telephone +30 2310 – 327 655 or +30 6980 581 313 which is indicated on the rental contract.

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